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Journal: علوم زمین
Year:1397 | Volume:28 | Issue:110
Start Page:267 | End Page:272



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The effect of the underground water on production costs and mining operation in open-pit mines, case study: Sarcheshmeh copper mine




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 In open pit mines, the extraction of ore rock with minimum price and good quality is the most important mining goal. Sarcheshmeh Copper Mine is not excluded from the existence of Underground water, like other open-pit mines. In this paper, the impact of Underground water on Production costs and mining process has been investigated. For this purpose, the parameter specific crushing(S_cr ), measured and used. To evaluate mining operation in dry and wet conditions of database in two parts of Production costs and mining operations of two blasts, holes with diameter of 6 inches were created. The difference of two different conditions of mining in increasing Production costs and reducing production performance is observed such that the costs including drilling cost, blast cost, total drilling and blast costs, loading cost are increased respectively, equal to 83. 33, 450, 266. 67 and 200 percent in wet Mining conditions compared with dry conditions. Rock crushing cost due to crushing amount is almost similar in both conditions. Also, wet Mining conditions cause reducing the production yield of Sarcheshmeh Copper Mine such that production performance in sections including special loading and index specific mining operations unit has been decreased respectively, equal to 33. 34 and 198. 85 percent compared to dry conditions. In order not to use waterproof explosives, improvement of mining operations index and reduction of project Production costs, it is necessary to determine the model of Underground water of Sarcheshmeh Copper Mine. Desirable mining operation will be provided with lower cost with sustainable development by drainage of Underground water in open pit mines.


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