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Journal: علوم زمین
Year:1396 | Volume:27 | Issue:106
Start Page:77 | End Page:88



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Geochemistry, geodynamic setting and probable origin of orthogneiss in Belqeis Mountain (NW of Iran)


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 As a part of Takab Metamorphic Complex (TMC), Belqeis Mountain has a variety of metamorphic rocks including Orthogneiss, pelitic schists, meta-ultramafics and mafic rocks and dolomitic marbles. This complex was metamorphosed, faulted and folded during Late Neoproterozoic-Early Cambrian Pan-African orogeny and invaded by granitoid pertinent to the subduction of the Neo-Tethys oceanic crust beneath the Iranian crust during Tertiary. Geochemically, the protolith of Orthogneiss of Belqeis Mountain is high K and has calc-alkaline affinity and both fractional crystallization and magma mixing have been incorporated significantly to produce the protolith of them. The pattern of trace elements normalized to chondrite and primitive mantle points to enrichment in LILE and LREE, depletion of HFSE and HREE and shows negative anomalies in Eu, Ba, Nb, Sr, Ti and P. Depletion in HFSE was accompanied with enrichment of LILEs and LREEs indicating the generation of protolith in subduction setting related to active continental margins. Tectonic discrimination diagrams suggest a combination of volcanic arc and continental collision settings for the studied samples. There are many evidence including La/Nb>1 and relatively high values of several ratios such as Zr/Nb (14. 7), Th/Nb (1. 5), Ba/Nb (58), La/Nb (3), Ti/Zr (14. 9), Nb/Ce (0. 24) and (La/Sm)n (3. 76), close to crust values, confirming that mantle was not incorporated solely but both crust and mantle sources were contributed in origin of these rocks. All aforementioned points in addition to occurrence of paleo-suture zone and ophiolitic rocks (i. e. serpentinites, meta-mafic and meta-ultramafic rocks) around these medium to high grade metamorphic rocks confirm that subduction of an oceanic lithosphere followed by collision in the study area.


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