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Behavioral Profile of Executive Dysfunction in Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder


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 Background: Executive dysfunction has been proposed as a fundamental impairment in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), however, existing findings are inconsistent. Objectives: The present study aimed at evaluating the Behavioral profile for Executive Functions (EF) in adolescents compared to healthy individuals using the Farsi translation of the behavior rating inventory of executive function (BRIEF). Methods: In this study, 34 participants (aged 5-16) with ASD were compared to 36 age and gender matched typically developing (TD) children using the BRIEF and childhood autism rating scale (CARS), and raven progressive matrices (RPM). Results: All subscales of the BRIEF were significantly higher in children and adolescents with ASD. Working memory was impaired in 88% of the ASD group, and the inhibition subscale had the highest mean score. The visual response subscale of CARS correlated significantly with the metacognition index (MCI) and global executive composite (GEC) of the BRIEF. A slight negative significant correlation was found between the BRIEF planning/organization T-score and age in the group with ASD. Conclusions: Adolescents with ASD have difficulties in every day executive functioning, mostly in working memory and inhibition. These deficits are related to some aspects of social and sensory impairments seen in ASD.


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