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Malaria Outbreak Investigation in Chipinge, Zimbabwe: A Case-control Study


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 Background: Malaria outbreaks are common in Zimbabwe. They are common in Manicaland, which has the greatest burden of Malaria in the country. Methods: A matched case control study was conducted to investigate the Malaria outbreak in ward 13 and 14 of Chipinge district in Manicaland Province in Zimbabwe, week 30 to week 40 of year 2015. A sample size of 92 (46 cases and 46 controls) was used. Guided interviews were conducted with the aid of a structured questionnaire and a checklist. The investigation assessed factors associated with contracting Malaria and the community knowledge levels on Malaria. Results: Participants who stayed in houses with open eaves had 2. 4 odds (95% CI=1. 0; 5. 6) of contracting Malaria compared to those who lived in houses without open eaves. Staying within a radius of 3 km from the river or swamp also predisposed people to contracting Malaria (OR =2. 7, 95%CI=1. 2; 6. 3). People who had no insecticide treated mosquito nets hanged in their bed rooms had odds of 2. 2 (95%CI=1. 2; 6. 4) of contracting Malaria compared to those that hanged insecticide-treated mosquito nets in their bedrooms. Consequently, among people exposed to outdoor activities in the evening and at night, those that had insecticidetreated mosquito nets hanged in their rooms were more protected from Malaria than those that did not. Conclusion: There is high need to intensify all pillars in the Malaria prevention and control programs and maintenance of a strong surveillance system to prevent future occurrences of outbreaks.


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