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Skin cancer preventive behaviors among rural farmers: An intervention based on protection motivation theory


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 Background: Skin cancer is a serious public health problem in the world. Its prevalence in many countries has been increased in recent years. This study aimed to assess the effects of a theory-based Educational intervention to promote Skin cancer preventive behaviors (SCPBs) among rural farmers in Chalderan County, Iran. Methods: This was a quasi-randomized controlled field trial study conducted on 238 rural farmers. The data were collected by a questionnaire containing the constructs of the Protection Motivation Theory (PMT) as well as the items of SCPBs. The differences between the groups before and 3 months after the intervention were determined by independent t-test, paired t-test, and chi-square applying SPSS software. Results: Before the intervention, no significant difference was found in the scores of the PMT constructs between the two groups (p>0. 05). However, significant differences were found between the scores of all the variables, as well as SCPBs, in the two groups after the intervention (p<0. 05). Conclusion: The PMT was found to be an appropriate framework for designing Educational interventions aiming at promoting SCPBs among rural farmers. It was concluded that designing an Educational program with a focus on promoting perceived susceptibility increased the level of performing SCPBs among the rural farmers.


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