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HIV/AIDS policy agenda setting in Iran


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 Background: HIV/AIDS control are one of the most important goals of the Health systems. The aim of this study was to determine how HIV/AIDS control was initiated among policy makers’ Agenda setting in Iran. Methods: A qualitative research (semi-structured interview) was conducted using Kingdon’ s framework (problem, policy and politics streams, and policy windows and policy entrepreneurs) to analysis HIV/AIDS Agenda setting in Iran. Thirty-two policy makers, managers, specialists, and researchers were interviewed. Also, 30 policy documents were analyzed. Framework analysis method was used for data analysis. Results: the increase of HIV among Injecting drug users (IDUs) and Female Sex Workers (FSWs), lack of control of their high-risk behaviors, and exceeding the HIV into concentrated phase were examples of problem stream. Policy stream was evidence-based solutions that highlighted the need for changing strategies for dealing with such a problem and finding technically feasible and acceptable solutions. Iran’ s participation in United Nations General Assembly special sessions on HIV/AIDS (UNGASS), the establishment of National AIDS Committee; highlighting AIDS control in Iran’ s five years development program and the support of the judiciary system of harm reduction policies were examples of politics stream. Policy entrepreneurs linking these streams put the HIV/AIDS on the national agenda (policy windows) and provide their solutions. Conclusion: There were mutual interactions among these three streams and sometimes, they weakened or reinforced each other. Future studies are recommended to understand the interactions between these streams’ parts and perhaps develop further Kingdon’ s framework, especially in the health sector.


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