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Case Report: Transdermal Methanol Intoxication




Methanol is a clear liquid with high toxicity. Methanol Intoxication may result from accidental exposure, overconsumption of compounds containing Methanol with suicidal intent, or following consumption of distilled and contaminated alcoholic beverages. This report describes a case of transdermal Methanol Intoxication, which is a rare condition. A 58-year-old woman presented with nausea, vomiting, weakness, Diplopia and dizziness. On neurological examination, she only had Diplopia. On physical examination, a hyperemic lesion with clear borders was found over the right knee. The patient’ s recent medical history revealed that four days prior to the onset of symptoms, she had covered her knee with a Methanol-soaked bandage in an attempt to alleviate her knee pain. She had a high osmolar gap as well as high anion-gap metabolic acidosis (HAGMA). Methanol Intoxication was suspected due to HAGMA and high osmolar gap. Serum Methanol levels were subsequently measured and found to be 37. 9 mg/dL. The patient was treated with intravenous (IV) bicarbonate, IV ethyl alcohol and hemodialysis. She was discharged with no central nervous system or ophthalmologic sequelae. Methanol poisoning should be kept in mind in patients with Diplopia and unexplained metabolic acidosis. Although most Methanol Intoxication cases occur after oral ingestion, it should be considered that Methanol poisoning may occur transdermally.


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