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Comparison of Engineering Geology Properties Natural Granite with Artificial Types


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 Understanding of the geological characteristics of Artificial stone is of particular importance. Appearance, size and dimensions, specification of particle surface and minerals forming aggregates are among the characteristics of rock materials that affect the homogeneous and cladding environment. Volume variations, water absorption, resistance to atmospheric agents and wear resistance are the most fundamental features of engineering stone in Artificial stone. In this research, to investigate and compare the resistance properties (Uniaxial Compression, Brazilian, Point Load, Ultra Sonic) and the physical properties of Artificial stones made with additives (polyester resin, vinyl ester resin, glass fiber and aggregate type) with three granite samples, we will cover the Alamut granite, Takab granite and Nehbandan granite. The results of the study show that the glass of fiber glass samples compared to non-woven glass made of resin and aggregates, has more 15% of tensile strength, 14% of uni-axial compressive strength and 12% of the point load index. As well as, resistance of samples made with a leaden resin is 1. 64 times more than polyester resin specimens. Based on this study, the mixing plan and percentage ratio combination is the most important principle in the strength and strength of Artificial stone


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