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Investigating the effect of geological ingredient on the geostatistic position of Masjed Soleyman GolGir Plain Waters


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 The GolGir plain is located with an area of about 1600 hectare in 90km northeast of Ahvaz and 20km The southeast of Masjed Soleiman is located in the northwest of the Asmari anticline and the middle Karun Basin. The studied area is part of the Zagros china, located in the southwest of Iran. Formations exposed in this area are the oldest to the newest ones, respectively, including the present-day sediments, the sandstone-Marni Aghajari formation, limestone formations, Marni Mishan, Gachsaran, Gachsaran Formation, Asmari limestone formation. according to the demartenne classification, is a region with a semi-arid climat. Different formations due to the presence of certain rocks and minerals can have significant effects on the hydrological conditions of the area. In the study area, Asmari Formation has the highest potential for aquifer formation, and in terms of hydrogeology and hydrochemicals, it is the most favorable option for water harvesting among the formations of the region. Gachsaran Formation has a non-carbonated aquifer system, a virtual karstic with a medium to low recovery capability. Like the Aghajari Formation, the Lahbari member has an adverse effect on surface water and underground water quality. The presence of gypsum and marl layers in this section has a significant negative effect on the quality of runoff in terms of increasing the concentration of total soluble solids and sediment load. Bakhtiari conglomerate formations are generally seamless and split aquifers, which, despite the lack of discharge, are highly qualitative and continuously exploitable. In this paper, we will investigate the effect of petrology and lithological factors on the geostatic condition of the waters of this plain.


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