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General Geology and Introducing Geotourism Attractions of Alvand Northern Hillside, Hamedan province


TALE FAZEL E. | Yousefi M.


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Geotourism is one of the main factors of sustainable economic, social and cultural development in an area that enhances handicrafts and employment in different fields directly and indirectly. The city of Hamedan has an area of 4084 square kilometers. In this research, the main Geotourism attraction is introduced as Alvand northern hillside. The Alvand Mountain range is divided into the northern and southern hillsides. The Alvand Mountain with its northwest to the southeast direction has divided Hamedan province into the northern and southern divisions. In this mountain, deep and lush valleys (such as Heydareh and Muradbeik valleys), springs (such as Howz-e-Nabi and Cheshmeh Behesht), meadows (such as Meidan Mishan, Takhte-e-Nadir, Takhte-e-Rostam and Takhte-e-Kuchak) and numerous peaks are formed. Alvand to Yakhchal peaks which is the highest peaks of this mountain range are visible from the city of Hamedan. Due to its high altitude, being located in the western plateau of Iran and distance from high seas the city of Hamedan has no major water resources such as sea, natural lake and coastline and the artificial lakes and lagoons of this city are the most important tourist attractions in this region. Increasing the level of Geotourism and proper setting requires a coherent planning for Ekbatan Geopark, targeted advertising in the country, region and the world, and continuous cooperation between different sectors of the state and non-governmental organizations.


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