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Journal: شهر پایدار
Year:1397 | Volume:1 | Issue:2
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Assessment of sustainable city Features From the perspective of Islamic Hekmat (Case Study: Zanjan city)


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 One of the geographical Spaces that Was a reflection of the ideology of ruling systems, the phenomenon of the city. Accordingly sustainable Islamic city, Should Of transcendent ideas reflection of the True religion of Islam is in all aspects. Actually this research wants With a new look and Renaissance To the scientific achievements of the country itself away westernization to steps In the domain of urban planning, In other words referring to originality genuine and spiritual of the land In intellectual foundations and philosophical City To the Islamic Hekmat. The purpose of the present article, versatility Review and explanation of governing Features the Zanjan city with city Sustainable the standards and principles In Islamic Hekmat. The research method in this study been a descriptive analytical and research applications. To analyze the data from Descriptive statistical techniques and Kolmogorov-Smirnov goodness-of-fit test and Logistic regression analysis with the help of SPSS software was used. One of the aims of human beings throughout history, Achieving a good society has been own hidden talents of the power to the actualize And In the the community to the reach the full redemption. Sustainable city is a city In terms Islamic Hekmat of The mobility, backgrounds and human requirements to provide the worldly and eternal bliss through the and reach. According to research findings, Kolmogorov-Smirnov statistic value (K-S) Economic indicators 0/869, of is physical-environmental 0/697, and social indicators 0/619. Also, According to Cox and Snell coefficient the economic indicator, 1/60 percent and social indices of 6. 51 percent, Most of the management and physical indicators, explained Variable changes in response by predictor variables. The possibility of improving these indicators in the future is more versatility direction with indicators the city Islamic Hekmat.


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