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Journal: شهر پایدار
Year:1397 | Volume:1 | Issue:1
Start Page:27 | End Page:40



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Measurement of Sustainable Development Indicators for Neghborhood Sustainable Development in Mahabad Township


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 Failures to achieve the goals of Sustainable Development in urban development in recent decades have changed the approach of planners to the local level and knowledge about neighborhoods sustainability can have an effective role in planning and Sustainable Development orientations. This research is descriptive-analytic. The purpose of this study is to analyze the Indicators of Sustainable Development and stability of neighborhoods located in different tissues of Mahabad City in terms of four types of old, middle, new texture and informal settlements. Five main Indicators (physical, socio-cultural, economic, service and environmental) and 44 sub Indicators are considered for this research. Main Indicators as main variables and neighborhoods sustainability are considered as dependent variable. Pearson test and variance analysis of non-scale data in the spss and excel environment show that there is a significant correlation between the three economic, physical and service Indicators. Also, path analysis in amos software shows the direct and indirect relationship between the three main variables (service, economic, and physical Indicators) on the dependent variable of the neighborhoods sustainability. Then, according to the Moriss model, the studied neighborhoods are ranked. The neighborhoods in the middle and old tissues are more desirable, and the new neighborhoods and informal settlements are ranked lower.


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