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Investigating the Socio-Cultural Impacts of Developing Urban Tourism in Ilam City


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 More than an industry or economic activity, tourism is a cultural phenomenon which plays an important role in inducing cultural shifts. This paper aims to evaluate and analyze the sociocultural impacts and effects of urban tourism in Ilam City from the residents’ point of views and the tourists visiting the city. The statistical population of the study included the host population and the tourists. Using Cochran’ s formula, a sample size of 700 participants was determined for both populations. The required data were gathered using a field study method via questionnaires. The questionnaire utilized in the current study was developed by the researcher, and then its validity was confirmed by university professors in the field. The reliability was measured using Cronbach’ s alpha coefficient, which was equal to 0. 873. The obtained data were analyzed using chi-square, Spearman’ s correlation and confirmatory factor analysis in SPSS software application. The results showed that the development and expansion of tourism in Ilam City will have a significant impact on social and cultural relations and there is a significant relationship between Development of tourism and the increase in socio-cultural shifts. Consequently, five factors of the increasing the social relations and establishing good associations among citizens, introducing the city in the region, increased frustration and self-confidence reduction of residents, changing the friendship patterns among residents, crowdedness and higher population density were identified as the socio-cultural impacts in Ilam City.


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