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Frequency of Hypochondria disorder in operating room personnel of educational hospitals of Guilan University of Medical Sciences


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 Introduction: Hypochondria is one of of pseudo-physical disorders that despite Physical health, the person believes in having a serious illness for at least 6 months and is often associated with Anxiety and Depression. Aim: Considering the fact that many Operating room Personnel are under stress and due to the direct effect of this group's function on community health, , this study aimed to determine the frequency of hypochondria in the Operating room staff of the educational hospitals of GuilanUniversity of Medical Sciences. Method: This study was performed on 101 Personnel of Operating rooms of hospitals affiliated to Guilan University of Medical Sciences. The Operating room Personnel responded to the demographic questionnaire and the Evans Hypochondria standard questionnaire. The data were analyzed using SPSS 18 software. Results: In this study, the prevalence of hypocondria was 18. 19%. 42 (46. 7%) were healthy, and32 (35. 6%), the disorder existed partly. Of the 16 Personnel with this disorder, 14 Personnel had mild hypocondria and 2 Personnel had moderate hypocondria. There was no significant relationship between hypocondria with gender, educational status and marital status. While, the relationship between age and self-confidence was significant (P = 0. 013). Conclusion: In this study, a high prevalence of this disorder was observed in Compared to other global research. According to the results of this study, with the increase in age, the prevalence of hypocondria increases. The reason for this statistically significant association can be the increase in Anxiety and Depression which requires more extensive studies to clarify this issue.


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