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Health information technology students’ satisfaction for their field of study and career prospect


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 Aim: Universities are sources of changes in society in different fields. The main structure of the university are students who constitute the main body of organizations and different groups of society. Therefore, knowing students' Attitudes and their satisfaction is essential. The purpose of this study was to determine Health Information Technology students' satisfaction of their job prospects at Mashhad University of Medical Sciences. Methods: In this cross-sectional research, all students of Health Information Technology at Mashhad University of Medical Sciences student were studied through census method during 2016-2017. The data gathered using a questionnaire with three parts about student's awareness, satisfaction of choosing their field of study and Attitude toward Career Prospect in 37 questions. Descriptive and analytical statistics in Spss 16 software were used. Results: The satisfaction of Health Information Technology students with their fields of study and their Attitude were lower than the average. Student`s Attitudes towards the Career Prospect was more than the average. Conclusion: To improve students' satisfaction, applicants for entry into higher education are advised in an appropriate manner so that their choices are informed, interested, and willing, and they will not be discouraged or disappointed upon entering the university. In this regard, the custodians need to make the necessary plans to create a recruitment and use of alumni knowledge.


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