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Using Digital Right Management technology in IRANDOC ETD System


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 Background and Aim: Easing the probability of violation of intellectual property rights and Unauthorized access of Digital resources is one of the most important consequences of information and communication technologies like the internet. The purpose of this research is to identify the state of Using Digital Right Management technology in IRANDOC ETD system. Method: Research method is a case study, applied research. Instrument was a checklist, that was principally prepared by NSA INFOSEC IAM. Findings: Results were signified in three sections: Section one; is related to needed information for security assessment of electronic theses and dissertation (ETD) system in IRANDOC. Data was collected by structured interview and observation. Section two; covered data that collected by OICM matrix. In fact, information categories in organization flowchart and value of each one in organization goals were identified. Section three; is related to identifying the threats and their effects that organization may come across. Conclusion: Results demonstrate that, as a matter of security infrastructures, IRANDOC is located in an unfavorable condition. Consequently factors such as Unauthorized access, forms of management, and lack of prosecution would threaten their services. Therefore, they should incorporate techniques such as DRM for collecting, managing, maintenance and dissemination.


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