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The evaluation of stress oxidative status, some serum biochemical parameters and trace elements of Saanen goats during peripartal period


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 Twenty one pregnant Saanen goats were used and blood samples collected one week pre parturition, on parturition time, one week and two weeks post parturition. Biomarkers of Oxidative stress including MDA, SOD, GPX, catalase and Trace elements including Se, Zn, Cu, Fe and lipid profile and serum enzymes; AP, AST and ALT were measured. MDA decreased significantly on parturition time compared to one week pre parturition and increased one week post parturition again and there was a significant decreasing two weeks after parturition rather than before (P<0. 001). SOD, GPX and Catalase decreased after parturition (P<0. 05). There were no significant changes in serum triglyceride and cholesterol at these 4 times but HDL increased significantly at one and two weeks after parturition in comparison with parturition time and one week before parturition (P<0. 001). Se decreased significantly on parturition time and in one week after it (P<0. 05) but increased again in 2 weeks after parturition and reached to its serum level before parturition. Serum Zn and Cu concentration were significantly increased after parturition (P<0. 05). Serum Fe decreased partly regular after parturition and its difference was significant two weeks after parturition in comparison to prepartum level. A significantly decrease of Serum AP and AST was post parturition (P<0. 001). This finding shows that Saanen goats undergo variation of Oxidative stress with decreased of some Trace elements after parturition.


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