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General Health in Iranian Nurses, A Systematic Review




 Introdaction: Nursing is one of the most serious occupations in the world. These occupational hazards directly affect on the Health of Nurses. Nurses with no good general Health are not able to provide proper care for patients. Objective: In this study, the articles related to general Health in Iranian Nurses were reviewed. Materials and Methods: In this review, the articles published between 2011 and 2017 were reviewed. For this purpose, Pubmed, Proquest, Sid, Google, Google Scholar, Scopus, Iran medex, Cinhal and Web of science were reviewed. The keywords like Health, General Health, Normality, Normalcy, Wellness and Nurse in were searched using Mesh Performing research in Iran was the main criterion for including in the study. Twenty five eligible studies were reviewed in this studied after assessing inclusion criteria and quality articles. Results: Thirty seven percent of studies reported that the general Health in nures is at a moderat level, 62% reported inappropriate or at risk. Thirty five % of the studies reported psychiatric disorders as the most common Health disorders in Nursese. The results of 35% of studies showd a significant relationship between factors related to work, family life and religious beliefs ande Nurses’ Health. The results of the studies showd that interventions such as stress management group therapy, communication skills and emotional intelligence training have been effective in promoting general Health in Nurses. Discussion and Conclusion: Iranian Nurses are not in good Health status. Therefore, it is recommended that the authorities consider the Health of medical staff, specifically Nurses, to improve the quality of their services.


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