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Trend of Quality of Life in Patients with Traumatic Hand Injury


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 Introduction: the main cause of the disability of the active population in developing countries. In the meantime, hand injuries are one of the most common Trauma. in the world. These injuries affect the Quality of life of Patients. Objective: This study aimed to determine the trend of Quality of life Patients with Trauma.ic hand Injury” . Material and Methods: This cross-sectional study was performed on Patients with hand injuries in 2016. Samples were selected from 100 Patients and through convenience sampling. The instruments used in this study included demographic information questionnaire, health-related Quality of life questionnaire (SF36), and instrumental arm, shoulder and hand disability questionnaire (DASH-38). Data were analyzed by SPSS 22 and Kruskal Wallis statistical test. P<0. 05 was considered as significant level. Results: Based on the results, the mean age of the units was 27. 69 ± 7. 21 years. Kruskal Wallis statistical test showed that the scores of Quality of life (42. 21 ± 14. 27, 3 months later, 58. 10 ± 12. 88 and 6 months following the surgery, 78. 88 ± 8. 25) were significantly increased over time (P = 0. 000). Also, the handicapped hand score (65. 34 ± 17. 98, 3 months later, 36. 44 ± 18. 16, and 6. 3 months after the surgery, 3. 33 ± 1. 29) decreased over time (P=0. 000). Discussion and Conclusion: The results of this study showed that the Quality of life in Patients with a Trauma.ic hand Injury after the surgery was upward. However, the Quality of life of these Patients is low even after the surgery. Therefore, the given authorities are required to have a fundamental plan in this regard.


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