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Fractional Order Dynamic Sliding Mode Controller Design for Triaxial Gyroscope based on Backstepping Method


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 In this paper, a Dynamic sliding mode controller with fractional order sliding surface based on backstepping algorithm is designed and presented for controlling performance of a micro-electro-mechanical triaxial gyroscope. To compensate uncertainties and incoming disturbances to the system, a sliding mode controller is used. In order to increase the degree of freedom and further robustness of the controller, the sliding surface is selected as fractional order form. Using Dynamic sliding mode controller in addition to the increasing the performance of controller, cause to reduce the chattering phenomenon in the input control signal. Using the backstepping approach as a very powerful design tool for nonlinear systems, makes the designed controller more robust against incoming disturbances to the system. Asymptotic stability of the closed loop system will be proven by Lyapunov stability theorem. At the end of the design, in order to efficacious reduce the chattering phenomenon in the control signal, fuzzy control theory for control the boundary layer and also adaptive method for online estimating the upper bound of uncertainty are used. In order to evaluate performance of the designed controller, this controller is compared with two other sliding mode controllers. Simulation results show that the proposed controller have a much less chattering phenomenon in control signal, increasing system stability, reducing the rise time and better tracking.


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