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The effect of Film and Paper on quality of Cone beam CT image and their diagnostic accuracy in detection of inferior alveolar canal


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 Background and Aims: According to the research background and need to print CBCT images in case of emergency, this study has been done to compare to Paper/quality/fa?page=1&sort=1&ftyp=all&fgrp=all&fyrs=all" target="_blank">Quality and accuracy of the two methods of Paper/film/fa?page=1&sort=1&ftyp=all&fgrp=all&fyrs=all" target="_blank">Film and Paper printing for CBCT images. Materials and Methods: The study of CBCT images taken from 5 patients was done. cross-sectional slices on Fotolusio DNP Papers and Paper/film/fa?page=1&sort=1&ftyp=all&fgrp=all&fyrs=all" target="_blank">Film AGFA were printed. Afterward, images by maxillofacial radiologist was exmined. Images’ Paper/quality/fa?page=1&sort=1&ftyp=all&fgrp=all&fyrs=all" target="_blank">Quality were identified and recorded with anatomical, from 1 to 4 on forms. The accuracy was determined by the diagnosis of alveolar canal area and the comparison with the Gold Standard. In order to analyze, the independent chi-square and Fisher exact tests’ results were used. Results: The Images Paper/quality/fa?page=1&sort=1&ftyp=all&fgrp=all&fyrs=all" target="_blank">Quality in anatomical landmarks consisting PDL (P=0. 02), lamina dura (P=0. 006), the inferior alveolar canal (P=0. 01) and the filling (P=0. 006) had a significant difference. For the lower border of the mandible Landmark, there was no difference between the two methods of printing. In comparing the diagnostic accuracy between the two methods there was no significant difference (P=1). Conclusion: The diagnostic Paper/quality/fa?page=1&sort=1&ftyp=all&fgrp=all&fyrs=all" target="_blank">Quality in Paper/film/fa?page=1&sort=1&ftyp=all&fgrp=all&fyrs=all" target="_blank">Film printing is better than Paper printing and the diagnostic accuracy is the same in both methods.


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