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Journal: اکوهیدرولوژی
Year:1396 | Volume:4 | Issue:2
Start Page:331 | End Page:343



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Estimation of discharge in ungauged sub-basins using regional analysis of runoff (Case study: Hablehroud Basin)


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 Estimation of discharge using Regional analysis is an effective method for water resources management in ungauged basins. In the present study, in order to estimate annual discharge in the ungauged sub-basins of Hablehroud Basin, linear regression and three independent variables including area, precipitation and slope were used. The basin under study was divided into five major and 44 minor sub-basins and using the data from five active hydrometric stations in the basin, regression equations for estimating annual discharge and specific discharge (the ratio of discharge to basin area) were extracted. The extracted equations were assessed in both major and minor sub-basins. The results showed that discharge estimation using the three variables of area, precipitation and slope in the five major sub-basins has an average error of 1. 3%. However, the average error in the 44 minor sub-basins was totally unacceptable. The results also showed that the average error of specific discharge estimation in the five major sub-basins is 2. 6%. Despite the increase of error in the major sub-basins, the average error of specific discharge estimation in the 44 minor sub-basins was reduced to 5. 33%. The results of the present study indicate that when the basin under study is divided into small sub-basins, specific discharge can be considered as an appropriate variable in Regional analysis of runoff.


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