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Journal: اکوهیدرولوژی
Year:1397 | Volume:5 | Issue:2
Start Page:699 | End Page:711



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Vulnerability assessment of Gharesou-Gorganroud coastal aquifer using GALDIT and SINTACS and optimization by SPSA and GIS


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 Groundwater is the most important source of water in coastal areas. Recently, due to overexploitation of the aquifer and seawater intrusion, a correct management in Coastal Aquifers must be applied. In this study, GALDIT and SINTACS models are used with geographic information system (GIS), in order to identify Gharesou-Gorganroud vulnerability areas. To generate, classify, weight and overlay vulnerability maps according to these two models, GIS environment is used. Geographic information system (GIS) is a useful tool to identify and assess vulnerability areas. The Pearson correlation coefficients is used to achieve an optimal model. To compare correlation results of GALDIT model and SINTACS model, GALDIT model has a higher correlation with TDS concentrations. In addition, Single parameter sensitivity analysis used to modify the GALDIT model to observe effect of each parameter on the GALDIT result model. In the study area, the result illustrated that the effective parameters in aquifer vulnerability assessment were hydraulic conductivity, depth of groundwater level, distance from the shore, type of aquifer, thickness of aquifer and impact status of existing saltwater intrusion, respectively.


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