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Designing a value-specific model of sales force based on value creation in the sales chain using S-O-R approach


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 In today's highly competitive market, organizations are constantly seeking new ways to create specific value and competitive advantage. As a strategic and valuable source, sales force can be very effective in forming and creating specific value and improve customer loyalty through adding value and credit to the organization. Despite the impact and importance of this, the role sales force plays hasn't been taken into account properly. The main goal of this study is to investigate the factors and specific-value driving forces with a comprehensive look at the characteristics of sales force agents, value added by vendors and customer behavior on how to provide services. Survey research methodology is used in this study. A 32-index questionnaire is used as the data collecting instrument which the stability was confirmed as 81. 9% using Cronbach's alpha method. Statistical population is composed of all the customers of Day Bank branches in Tehran. Random cluster sampling was used to choose samples and 384 sound samples were gathered. Structural equation method and confirmatory factor analysis were used to analyze the gathered data. The results confirmed the relations based on the proposed model. The results suggest that the characteristics of sales force, perceived value of the customer and customer loyalty to sales force can be very influential to value creation. On the other hand, there's a significant relation between "characteristics" and "perceived value", and between "perceived value" and "customer behavior".


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