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Comparison on Efficiency of Arbuscolar Mycorrhizal Fungus and Plant Growth Promotion Rhizobacterium Inoculum on Nutrition Elements Concentration and Seedling Quality Indices of Calotropis Procera


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 Present study was conducted to find out the effect of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi Glomus intraradices and the plant growth promotion rhizobacterium Pseudomonas putida inoculant on the concentration of Macro and Micro Elements and Seedling Quality indices of Calotropis procera seedlings in a completely randomized design with three replications. The results of one way ANOVA showed that measured parameters of nutrients and seedlings quality index have been significantly influenced by the inoculation fungi and bacteria. The Duncan’ s comparison of mycorrhizal inoculum than control in total root nitrogen concentration was 26%, iron concentration in leaves and root were 70% and 52% as well as potassium and zinc concentration in the leaf as of 5% and 45%, respectively that compared to the control has increased. Mean comparison of Rhizobacterial inoculation with control showed that total nitrogen, iron and manganese concentrations in the leaf were 57%, 450% and 225% respectively, and iron and zinc concentrations in the root increased 58% and 84%, respectively. According to thehe mean comparison of Duncan’ s, mycorrhizal treatment with Rhizobacterial had increase in total nitrogen, potassium, iron and zinc concentrations in leaf by 51%, 48%, 450% and 31%. Nitrogen and potassium in the root were observed at 48% and 300%, respectively. Comparing seedlings quality indices, inoculated seedlings of the Rhizobacteria with the index of 0. 85 were highest rate, which was 66% higher than the control. The results of this study indicated that inoculation of mycorrhizal and Rhizobacterial has increased in nutrient content and quality of seedlings. Despite the slight differences between inoculations, it is recommended to use both types of mycorrhizal and Rhizobacterial inoculum in order to replace the fertilization in the culture media in nursery.


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