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Amol city's physical expansion pattern with urban smart growth approach


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 The rapid expansion of cities, make most of the world faced with many problems. Although population growth is the primary cause of the rapid expansion of cities, however, its unreasonable sprawl will have adverse effects on the natural environment and cultural communities. Many attempts have been made to alleviate the negative effects of cities sprawl that most notably is "smart growth" strategy as one way of opposition to urban development " sprawl ", in fact, smart growth is alternative to sprawl. In this research, research methodology is descriptive-analytic method. The data has been achieved from Statistical Center of Iran 's statistical block 1390. For this study, data extraction and classification software (SPSS) and (GIS) is used. The Moora method is used to rank neighborhoods. The results show most central neighborhoods have more favorable conditions terms of smart urban growth indicators than urban surrounding neighborhoods. Whereas urban central neighborhoods have more appropriate level than other neighborhoods in term of the main indicators of smart growth such as mixed use, connections, open spaces, infrastructure and car ownership. multi objective optimization ratio analysis(Moora) ranking test results showed that three neighborhoods 7, 2 and 6, respectively, have the best ranking among the city's 25 neighborhoods and in against urban surrounding neighborhoods 14, 13 and 4 have the worst condition and ranking among the city’ s neighborhoods. Due to the single-core structure, high levels of car ownership (47 percent) and Amol business-services dominant function, aspect of smart growth strategy can be implement in this city management through make policy in increased mixed uses, make attractive the pedestrian-oriented path and public transport development.


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