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Effects of Benzo-α-Pyren exposure stress on the gill histology and plasma levels of cortisol in Yellowfin Seabream, Acanthopagrus latus


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 BACKGROUNGDS: Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons are destroying organic pollutants for living organisms in aquatic environments. OBJECTIVES: The present study investigated effects of Benzo alpha pyrene (BaP) as one of the most important hydrocarbons on gill structure and plasma cortisol levels in Yellowfin Seabream, Acanthopagrus latus. METHODS: Fish were divided to base, control and treatment groups. Treatment fishes received 50mg Bap per kilogram body weight dissolved in10μ l coconut oil per gram body weight that were implanted peritoneal. Control group were implanted with coconut oil (10μ l/g body weight) without BaP and whereas base group did not implant. Sampling was carried out 72 hours after implanting. At sampling time fish were anesthetized then blood and gill arch were sampled. RESULTS: According to the results plasma levels of cortisol significantly increased in both control and treatment groups. Histological investigation of the gill tissues showed intensive damages under BaP exposure stress. CONCLUSIONS: Bap exposure stress caused some alteration in plasma cortisol levels and increasing gill histopathological lesions. So according to the importance of these parameters for some vital process such as Osmoregulation and respiration, consequently disorders in hydromineral balance and survival is expected.


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