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Feeding habits of Indian halibut Psettodes erumei in the Persian Gulf (Hormozgan Province)


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feeding habits of Psettodes erumei was investigated in coastal waters of the Persian Gulf from March to February 2012 by sampling 30 fish per month. Mean value of total length and body weight of sampled fish were 38. 47 ± 9. 39 cm and 986. 92 ± 756. 79 g, respectively. Maximum number of full stomachs and the highest gastrosomatic index was calculated to be in July (5. 22 ± 2. 04) and August (5. 84 ± 2. 28) and the lowest gastrosomatic index in autumn and October (1. 27 ± 0. 24) indicating the intense feeding of this fish in summer. Vacuity index was estimated 60. 26 in Psettodes erumei which ranks this species as a relatively low food consumer. Lowest amount of vacuity index showing the highest amount of full stomachs was observed in summer. Vacuity index was higher in immature females than mature females and males. Based on the results of food preference index, fish constituted the main prey for Psettodes erumei (73. 77) in the Persian Gulf, shrimp were the second priority (22. 95) and squids the cassual prey (3. 28). The index of gut length to total body length was 0. 43 ± 0. 099 revealing that this fish is carnivorous.


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