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Effects of nutritional status on blood chemistry profiles and selection of acceptable indices of common carp (Cyprinus carpio)




 Present study was conducted to determine biochemical parameters with potential diagnostic value to assess the nutritional status and healthy Common carp. For that purpose, Ninety Species with average weight 157. 9± 8. 5g were stocked into each 300-l tank with triplicate in three treatments and were submitted to different feeding protocols: The first treatment fed for 14 days; the second treatment fed for 7 days followed by 7 days of fasting and the third treatment fasted for 14 days. At the end of the trial, Fish from each group were selected and their blood was collected and the following plasma parameters were analyzed by standard clinical methods. The results showed that levels of triglycerides, total protein, AST, ALT and T3 decreased significantly during the first week of Starvation and the decline in the second week of fasting were significantly only for triglycerides and AST. There was no significant difference between treatments in calcium; inorganic phosphorus; magnesium; cholesterol and T4. Among those parameters measured in this study plasma triglycerides and AST decreased continuously during Starvation, thus having potential for use as indicators of the nutritional status of Common carp. On the contrary, total protein, ALT and T3 were relatively independent of previous feeding conditions after 1 week Starvation and may be useful as indicators of the short-term Starvation and health status in Common carp.


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