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Study of biodiversity and identification of foraminifera communities In the eastern Qeshm island


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 This investigation was carried out to study of foraminifers’ communities in the eastern part of Qeshm Island during the hot and the cold seasons. Samples were collected with 3. 3 cm diameter corer from the first 5 cm surface of sediments in 9 stations with 3 replicates. In the study 44 specimens were identified specifically, and 31 specimens were typificated at genera; they included 25 families. Organisms were rillustrated using Scaning electron microscop photography. In the summer 2013 Triloculina oblonga (147. 9 ind/10cm2) and Protoelphidium sp. (81. 19 ind/10cm2) were observed at higher abundance. Maximum abundance of live individuals was related to Ammonia beccarii (22. 7 ind/10cm2) and Protoelphidium sp. (13. 9 ind/10cm2) in winter 2014. The Shannon – weaner index from minimum 0. 3 in winter to maximum 4. 4 in summer was ranged. Significant correlation between some environmental factors and foraminifer abundances was found (P<0. 05) using spearman correlation test. A correlation was found between total abundance of foraminifers and silt-clay portions of sediments, salinity and pH in summer never in winter. The abundance of Protoelphidium sp. and Elphidium vitreum showed correlation with the dissolved oxygen and the silt-clay portion.


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