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 Architectural training, always and in nowadaysalthough as unripe mode- is an endeavor to answer the original humanity need- as the presence in residential environment-which mostly effected by knowing fundamental appropriate human living mode. Understanding of architect’s role about their responsibility of way of thinking and understanding about life and their fullness and tendency to appropriate and favorite life, which can effect directly living way of people as mediate one in this signs, is the obligation of architectural schools. Nowadays suppose is that the intention of architectural schools based on this type of training and the postgraduate architects know this most appropriate mode of living and as the teachers carry on them to their students and by this way the essence of training and learning continues.So, this question appears that how this issue will be possible.The circumstance of each work show itself in the process of that work. Each original process investigates its route from a question. In public view, question means the intents for knowing unknown issue in contrast of known. But, this fundamental fact has forgotten that the subject of question, as seems to be, is not unknown or unfamiliar. Rather as putted in heart, has been familiar and known as how human ask about one issue then get threaten too. Therefore, question is investigation in perception route to find out the relation between human and other creatures with the basic origin and attention to this point in this way is necessary that we only ask about that things which demand asking, because the emergences has the ability to cover themselves in order to not asked.So, finding the origin question is the fundamental level of each training process and obviously clears that finding the appropriate situation of each question and its answer will be possible in time long period and in this way the establishment and value of learning define.The suppose of this expressing is based on that the route of architectural training starts with question defining and try to show that this question consider three approaches of how, what and why issue. The answer based on these three approaches is finding in first level, is the origin which situated in undetermined issues limitation and then provides the evaluation criteria of sign in design process. Architecture is not only problem solving but also in first level is a question, finding the origin of problem as it is and this is the way of thinking that should be learned.


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