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A Novel and Efficient DS/CDMA Direction of Arrival Algorithm for Multipath Fading Channel


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 Parameter Estimation is an essential step in data detection. In this paper, we design a method to estimate the essential parameters for direct sequence code division multiple access (DS/CDMA). The focused original parameters are Direction of Arrival (DOA). This parameter has significant role in data detection as well as enhancing the quality of receivers. Since the DS/CDMA Signal transmitter applies redundancy code technique in order to send data, the parameter estimation is designed to take the greatest advantage of this redundancy. DOA’ s estimation is handled using array processing methods. Signal correlation issue is tackled with developing an Orthogonal Projection passing through multi paths channel. Besides, combining the subspace and Eigen decomposition methods succeed to substantially increase the efficiency of DOA’ s estimator. In our proposed method it is not required to search all angles as in conventional methods. Another advantage of this algorithm is that number of users can exceed the number of antenna arrays contrary to many of the conventional methods. At the end, some simulation results are illustrated to confirm the efficiency of the method.


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