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Biological control of rice brown spot disease caused by Bipolaris victoriae by some fungal isolates in the greenhouse and in vitro conditions


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 The rice brown spot disease caused by Bipolaris spp., is one of the most important diseases of rice in Iran and world. Eighty fungal isolates were isolated from 220 collected samples in Guilan province fields using PDA and WA. Morphological characteristics were used for identification of these fungi. Identified fungal species belonged to Bipolaris victoriae (24 isolates), Bipolaris oryzae (12 isolates), Alternaria tenuissima (11 isolates), Preussia sp. (8 isolates), Fusarium verticillioides (6 isolates), Alternaria infectoria (7 isolates), Alternaria citri (9 isolates), Trichoderma harzianum (one isolate) and Trichoderma virens (two isolates). Pathogenicity of all isolates of Bipolaris spp. was proved and among fungal isolates belonged to other fungal genera, 20 isolates which did not cause disease on rice or their pathogenicity was low were selected for biocontrol studies. In the laboratory, various methods were used such as inhibition of B. victoriae using culture filtrate, dual culture of the studied antagonistic fungi and B. victoriae by slide culture and effect of volatile metabolites on the inhibition of growth of this fungus. T. harzianum had been recognized as the most effective isolate in mycelial growth inhibition of the causal agent in vitro. In the greenhouse experiment, all isolates, except A. tenussima and F. verticilliodes, reduced disease rating of brown spot. The Preussia sp. isolate with 33. 4% reduction in disease rating was the most effective antagonist followed by T. harzianum, A. citri, A. infectoria and T. virens which had the highest effect in control of disease, respectively. Analyze of variance and comparing the average characters in LSD method showed significant difference in terms of efficiency in disease control among studied fungi.


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