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Subliminal Exploration from Beautiful Body to Physical Hazards among Middle-Class Women in Mashhad


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 This paper is to study the aesthetic behaviors of middle and upper-middle-class Women in the Mashhad. A number of Women in Mashhad were selected using theoretical convenience sampling, and were studied, employing the qualitative approach and using grounded theory method. The process of theoretical sampling continued to data saturation. The collected data were analyzed using open, pivotal and selective coding. Findings were presented by the storyline frame (i. e. 17 main categories, and 1 core category), paradigm model, and the small-scale theory. Results showed that Women aspire to be Aphrodite due to their physical dissatisfaction. In addition to physical dissatisfaction, this aspiration is resulted from the media, capital property, etc. In such condition, the strategies of body changes (i. e. buying face/redeeming body, physical changes, etc. ) are activated among Women. But these strategies, in addition to beauty, have dangers for Women. In fact, their Aspiration to be Aphrodite has finally led to the social construction of Aphrodite, and while having a beautiful aspect, has been dangerous in some cases.


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