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Analysis of Written Media Effects on Employed Women Empowerment




 Media play an important role in creating an appropriate cultural and social context in relation to empowerment of the individuals. The present paper aimed to study the effect of the print media on the socio-Cultural Empowerment of the Employed Women using documentary and survey methods, and data has been collected by two comprehensive questionnaires. The statistical population includes 1964 female physicians, nurses, paramedics, residents, as well as managers and owners of health care centers in Rasht and Anzali. The sample size of employed females is 321 persons which has selected by simple random method and stratified sampling in Rasht and Anzali. Sampling from the community of owners and managers of the centers is performed by simple random method. Based on the findings, print media have not necessary impact on the attitude of the audiences and beliefs of the society in terms of accepting and reflection of women empowerment in the society. Despite the positive attitude of the owners and the managers toward the Empowerment of Women in this field, the influence and reflection of the print media in this field has been neutral. Also, the print media has had the most influence on the two dimensions of Social Empowerment, awareness, and trust. Attention to the educational dimension of the Cultural Empowerment is observable in the content of the Written Media.


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