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A Critical Review of the Sociological Market Research in Iran: In Search of Engravedness


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 In Iran, Marketis a multi-functional institute, and plays an important role in Iranian economic, political and social life. Thus, there are various definitions of Market. This paper critically studies the concept of the Marketand the factors affecting the Market’ s economic actions in terms of New Economic Sociology, specifically the concept of Engravedness (i. e. the economic activities in the context, objectives, and processes depending on the non-economic actions or institutions). The results of systematic review of the Market's sociological studies, especially in the field of Engravedness studies, shows: Firstly, there are the six different views of the Market such as space, culture, class, informal institutions, network, and field. Secondly, among the factors influencing the Market’ s Engravedness, more emphasis has been placed on the structural and institutional factors, including social and commercial networks of the Market, commercial laws and regulations, urban development plans, and the Market’ s informal values and norms. Finally, each of the six types of Markets is influenced by a certain type of spatial, cultural, political, structural and institutional Engravedness.


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