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The Phenomenon of Inheritance: A Corrosive or Booster of Social Capital of the Families


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 Today, in our society, due to widespread social changes, Inheritance can bring about many issues. One of the issues that we face in our society with regard to the phenomenon of Inheritance is the formation of Inheritance disputes. Such disagreements, if continue, will generates an irreconcilable social interaction between the heirs, and ultimately will make irreparable damage to the social capital of the families and Kinship system. By employing qualitative approaches and using the views of the research collaborators, who all live in Rasht, this paper seeks to answer the fundamental question that what Hatred effects and consequences causes for heirs. Results show that the process of Hatred among the heirs is unprovoked, has devastating consequences, and eliminates empathy and affection within the system of families and Kinship. So, in the first instance, it corrodes the social capital of the family as an entity that has a decisive role as the source of production and the strengthening the social capital of every society.


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