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Journal: طب توانبخشی
Year:1397 | Volume:7 | Issue:1
Start Page:193 | End Page:200



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Effect of Posterior Tibial Nerve Superficial Stimulation with Kegel Exercises on the Frequency of Urination and Score of Quality of Life in Women with Overactivity of Bladder


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 Background and Aim: Over Activity of Bladder (OAB) is a syndrome with symptoms in urinary storage phase and it appears with the increase of the Frequency of Urination or emergency condition. During the recent years, using Posterior Tibial Nerve Stimulation (PTNS) has been introduced as a simple, noninvasive, without-the-side-effect method for the treatment of OAB. The purpose of the present study was evaluation of the effect of PTNS with kegel exercises on women with Over Activity of Bladder. Materials and Method: The current study was a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled trial including 67 female participants with OAB syndrome divided in two groups of test and control. During 12 sessions, kegel exercise was taught to patients and PTNS was performed for the two groups but the flow rate was zero for the control group. The perineometry device was used to evaluate the pelvic floor muscles strength and three questionnaires of 1-assess Quality of Life 2-ICIQ-OAB, and 3-ICIQ-UI SF, as well as voiding diary form was used to evaluate the symptoms and severity of the disease, before and after the intervention. Results: Analysis of the results with paired sample t test in the two groups showed that the strength of pelvic floor muscles increased and the Quality of Life improved (P≤ 0/05). The use of the independent samples t-test showed increase of the pelvic floor muscles strength and improvement of Quality of Life and the decrease of scores of urinary symptoms in the test group was significantly greater than those of the control group (P≤ 0/05). Conclusion: According to the results of the study, the PTNS with kegel exercises caused increase of the pelvic floor muscles strength and the improvement of the Quality of Life in women with OAB syndrome.


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