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The Jurisprudential, Ethical and Communicative Principles of Encountering Disrespect for the Infallibles


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 One of the current problems of Islamic societies is to find the best way to confront disrespect for sanctities. To find out the best manner of treating those who give offense to the Infallibles is to examine the basics of confronting Insults in Islamic teachings. The present research has tried to explore these principles in three different domains: 1) Jurisprudential, legal and governmental, 2) Ethical, 3) Cultural and communicative. This article by using the conventional jurisprudential research methods has offered the following ways of dealing with Insults: Necessity of respecting rituals, avoiding the propagation of Insult, maintaining unity, guidance, pursuing justice, showing Islamic kindness, forbidding disrespect for religion, confronting sedition, avoiding desacralization, and preventing devaluation of the existing values. Paying attention to these bases, in addition to preventing the spread of Insult to the Infallibles, will provide the suitable ground of choosing the best method of dealing with disrespect under different circumstances. Hence, the legal, ethical and communication foundations for encountering disrespect for the Infallibles can pave the way for finding the best solutions derived from religious teachings in this field.


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