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Identification and Introducing the Multi-Layered Identity of Human Characters on Stone Motifs of Chahleshtar Qajar Castle


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 The Chaleshtar Castle in Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari is decorated with varied and unique stone herbal, human and animal ornaments. In the decoration of this Qajar building, the traces of the three national, religious, and foreign patterns of the Qajar period are observed, especially in human designs. Resemblance of human ornaments in this building with aforementioned patterns influenced by native characteristics of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari is the subject and base of this practical case study and the aim of this research is to recognize and have a new perspective on the Qajar decoration art in architectural ornaments. Therefore, the hypothesis of maintaining Qajar originality while influenced by native culture of the region examined in Stone Motifs of this building in the statistical society of 36 stone ornaments frame with human figure. The data which is written in descriptive-analytical method, has been obtained through this case study is based on documentation, field observation and library information. Studying the status of the artwork along with description and categorizing of motifs based on three national, religious and foreign patterns lead to the discovery of secrets and explaining the unseen and unsaid about these motifs. The finding of this research indicates that “ Bakhtiari local-native type” is present in the ornaments alongside Qajar style in aforementioned three patterns. Principles and rules of design and performance in aforementioned motifs is congruent with the function of various parts of the monument and features the native attitude of Bakhtiari people towards their time and place and the position of semi-formal monument as well.


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