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Assessment of Spatial Distribution some Ground Water Quality Indexes in Adrabil Plain for Irrigation uses


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 The quantitative and qualitative decline of groundwater in recent years has needed for proper management of water from these valuable resources. One of the important ways to achieve this goal is to monitoring groundwater quality. In the present study, 12 water quality parameters related to 63 wells in Ardebil plain were measured in June and September (dry and wet season), 2013-2012, then water quality indices were studied. After calculating the indices, the ArcGIS10 software were used to prepare the maps and then calculate some important Statistical Parameters. The results showed that groundwater in Ardebil Plain with EC and SAR indexes average, 405. 17 microseisms per cm and 2. 8 in the C3-S1 class, according to Wilcox classification, and had a low to moderate limit Salinity and without any limit in term of penetration in the soil. RSC, KR and PI Indicators, which express the risk of sodium, indicate that there is no sodium constraint and have a good quality. The CR index with 0. 8 average also indicated a lack of groundwater corrosion risk. Investigating the Na and Cl also indicates an average limit for water toxicity for the plants cultivated in Ardebil plain. On the other hand, the zoning maps of the studied indices showed that salinity in some parts of the plain has a low to moderate limit, and in eastern and southern parts, it has no limitation. According SAR index most part of plain was unlimited, with only a small portion of the southern plain with moderate constraints. The LSI index showed that in most plain areas, the value of this index is greater than zero, and therefore there will be a risk of droplets.


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