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Journal: زیست فناوری
Year:1397 | Volume:9 | Issue:2
Start Page:187 | End Page:192



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Creating 3D Geometric models of Cells and Organelles for Bioelectromagnetic Simulations


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 Aims: Computation of the field distribution and the penetration of electromagnetic fields induced in the body and biological tissues are one of the major issues discussed in the bioelectromagnetic field; with access to the geometry of the cell and its organelles, the contribution of each component to the field's reception and the field distribution as well as the computation of impedance can accurately be estimated. The aim of this study was to create 3D geometric models of cells and organelles for bioelectromagnetic simulations. Materials & Methods: The present study is a computational research study. In this study a complete electrical model for several cell types of the epidermis layer of human skin with its organelles was created by SAVI 1 software and innovative new algorithms. In this geometric model, organelles such as mitochondria, Golgi body, melanin pigments, ribosome, lysosome, and intracellular nucleus were considered. The microscopic 2D image was used to create organelles. Findings: The geometric model was created for the organelles and the cellular sample was created for all layers of the epidermis in accordance with reality. The cells of basal cortex were nucleated in cubic form, the cells of spinosum cortex were polygonal and nucleated, the cells of granular cortex were flat and nucleated, and the stratum corneum had complete flat cells without nucleus. Conclusion: Creating 3D geometric model of cells and organelles within it is possible for bioelectromagnetic simulations. This 3D model can be saved in mat, stl, and vox formats and retrieved in SAVI, CST studio, and MATLAB software.


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