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Journal: زیست فناوری
Year:1391 | Volume:3 | Issue:1
Start Page:37 | End Page:46



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Enrichment breads, using of potential probiotic bacillus(Bacillus coagolans)


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Probiotics are live microbial feed supplements, which beneficially affect the host by improving its intestinal microbial balance[8]. Recently, researches have shown that lactic Acid Bacteria(LAB), especially Bacillus (because of having endospore) remain stable at cooking temperature and retain their probiotic benefits in baked goods [3]. The purposeof this study, was using of Bacillus coagolans, as a resistant probiotic, for enrichment of Bread. First, these probiotic bacteria were determined by the tests of salt tolerance, heat resistance, bile tolerance, tolerance of acid and pepcin, resistance of antibiotics, and preventing the growth of pathogenic starins[18]. Then a certain number cells of BC were entered in Bread dough, before& after baking the number of live bacteria were calculated by colony count in 1g of dough and Bread. The number of BC decreased from 108 to 106 units per gram, after baking. Also, the amount of starch decreasd and changed into simple sugers. The pH was estimated about 4. 5-5 and TTA (Total Titritable Acidity) was between 6-8. Finally, the enrichment of Bread was evaluated by experts and its quality and taste were compared with a control sample. The Results showed this bacterium survives in baked Bread and makes good chemical changes on it.


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