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Exploring and Explaining Factors Affecting University Financial Development (Case Study on University of Tehran)


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 The purpose of this study was to investigate and prioritize factors affecting university Financial Development with emphasis on Tehran University based on exploratory mixed research model. First, based on grounded theory, the model of Financial Development of the university was compiled using a statistical society including 15 experts. The validation of the model at the qualitative stage involves these methods: Member Checking, Data Triangulation, Investigator/ Researcher Triangulation, Peer Checking. The modeling of structural equations using PLS method is used for quantitative validation of the model and studying the relationship between the components. The statistical population of this section is the financial managers of Tehran University, which was selected by simple random sampling. The findings confirm the effect of the model components on Financial Development of the university. Considering factor loads, the greatest impact on the university Financial Development is due to the component of financial resources. Among the sub-components and based on Friedman's test, financial resources diversification has the highest priority.


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