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Factors affecting achieve Agile Universities With an Emphasis on the Role of Educational Planning


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 The purpose of this research was to identify the factors affecting access to agile universities with an emphasis on the role of Educational Planning. The methodology of qualitative research based on the theory of rising data has made the exploratory plan and the statistical community the academic experts. The statistical sample included 18 faculty members and were selected purposefully. The analysis of the qualitative research data was carried out through the coding process based on the systematic strategy design of the data theory strategy of the Strauss and Corbin Foundation (1998), after the open coding operation, in the axial coding step, common and similar concepts (codes) in terms of meaning Are categorized into five major categories. The main categories of agility of the universities are: Coordination of the University's quantitative development with the qualitative improvement of the university; Balanced correlation of educational programs with the needs of the labor market; Increasing the efficiency of universities in accordance with the development of competencies, skills and abilities of the students; Adaptation of academic training programs to the development plan. National, increasing student compatibility with university.


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