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The Study of Strategies to Reduce Absence from Viewpoints of Students in Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences


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 The experience of teachers is transferred to students in the classroom; and for the implementation of this, the continuous presence of students is necessary. Despite the numerous studies on the causes of absence, the strategies of its reduction have not been investigated. Hence, the aim of this study was to determine the strategies reducing the absenteeism in Theoretical Classes from The Viewpoints of Students in Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences. The population of this study consisted of all students studying in the second semester in 2016-2015 and just 401 students from Medical (n=75), Nursing and Midwifery (n=182), Health (n=32) and Paramedical (n=112) schools were randomly selected in proportion to the number of students in each school and field of study. The research involved collecting data from a researcher-made questionnaire. Then, data analysis were performed with SPSS and P<0. 05 was considered significant. Mean scores given to strategies for reducing the absenteeism in order of importance were: mastry of teacher on the course content (4. 21± 1. 06), awareness of student learning (4. 19± 0. 97), having respectful behavior (4. 12± 0. 95), cheerful class atmosphere (4. 10± 1. 03), teaching main contents for application (4. 05± 1. 03), giving importance to students' attendance (4. 04± 0. 99), utilizing a variety of teaching methods (4. 03± 1. 02), and continuous evaluation (4. 00± 1. 13); finally, the main proposed strategy of students was related to teacher. To fulfill this strategy, mastery of the course content, awareness of student learning, respectful behavior, cheerful class atmosphere, teaching the main contents for application, giving importance of students' attendance, use a variety of teaching methods, and continuous evaluation are suggested.


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