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Journal: مجلس و راهبرد
Year:1397 | Volume:25 | Issue:96
Start Page:265 | End Page:296



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Analysis of Spatial Distribution of Iran’ s Population Aging


 Start Page 265 | End Page 296


 With an increase in the life expectancy index, the Aging population in Iran and the world has grown and taken into consideration as an effective factor on socio-economic system of societies. The present research provides an overview the status of Aging in the Iranian Population as well as it tries to analyze this indicator from both geographic and Spatial Distribution perspectives. According to the studies, the most important indicators to assess the status of Aging in a biological environment are such as old age indicator, old age ratio, Aging ratio, youth ratio, the burden of support, parental support ratio (emotional support), Potential Support ratio (spiritual support). The research is carried out through secondary analysis data of Iranian Statistical Center as well as using the Matlab and Execl-Macros programming. The results showed that Iranian Population has been going through youthfulness increasingly and entering elderly and Aging periods. For example in our central regions such as Tehran, Isfahan and Arak, we face to more serious challenges than marginal areas including Sistan and Baluchestan Province. The upward trend in Aging index of Iranian Population indicates that the Aging crisis in the Iranian Population is being far away from expected. Thus, the ascending/increasing trend should be taken into consideration as the biggest challenge facing the development planning system as well as its impacts on all aspects of this process.


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