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An Analysis of the Concept of Jihad and its Various Manifestations in the Safavid Era


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 In Islam, Jihad is considered as a duty that is carried out with special conditions and specific regulations and is not possible, because of its social, political and security nature, without the availability of Islamic ruling. So its legitimacy is subject to the permission of Imam in his age and righteous Faghih in his absence. During the Safavid era, Jihad was not allowed by most of jurists in Imam’ s absence. However, Jihad was known and used as a device and driving power in wars during the Safavid era. This paper aims to answer the question: what Jihad meant in Safavid era and what Manifestations it had? In response, the paper claims that despite the opposition of the majority of Safavid scholars and jurists, Safavid kings, in accordance with the condition got the jurist’ s permission, or without it and fight against internal and external, Muslims and non-Muslims enemies with the slogan of Jihad. This paper tries to explain and explore the concept of Jihad and its various Manifestations in the Safavid era according to legal treatises, letters, documents and historical sources.


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