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An Analysis on Tendency Components on Strategic Approach in the Process of Urban Planning in Iran


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 Strategic approach is a new approach to urban planning theory that has replaced approaches such as Centralized and systematic planning in the early seventies of the twentieth century. Cycle approach, process and partnership, as an appropriate model, can replace centralized approach to comprehensive planning features uncompromising and unrealistic used in developing countries, including our country. A collection of study library and reference documents relevant original research were used. Moreover, experts’ points of view were applied to evaluate the research of survey questionnaires and interviews. It is worth noting that some surveys were in writing format (using email), while some were done in person. After the polls and editing them, different opinions were categorized and analyzed. Furthermore, one sample T and linear regression analysis and logarithmic are used to analyze the data statistically. The research findings reveal that Attitude-Knowledge Factors based on expert opinion is obtained due to the low base for its difference from the average trend toward greater priority to strategic planning and secondly, the fourth component of the attitude-knowledge, normative-behavior, communication and formal-institutional significant affect the process of change and acceptance of Iran's strategic approach directly in urban planning.


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