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The Impact of Meta-cognitive Training on Design Bio complexes Student's Success (Case Study: Design process Analytical Writing)




Architectural design as core subject in architectural undergraduate curriculum are both a reflection of students cognitive abilities about other subjects in the field as well as their application skills, and their ability to design in general. Hence the success of this course involves having a meta-cognitive skills that prepare the students to apply his/her own skills in the pursuit of their professional life. Meta-cognition is considered as awareness, active monitoring, organizing cognitive processes, and control learning of areas, including Problem solving. Architectural design Education is a problem-centered process. Therefore purpose of this study was investigates the role of meta-cognitive skills enhancement in improving the understanding and reinforcement of students architectural skills from process and design concept. For this purpose, the process of writing and critique of designing themselves and others have been used as tools for fostering the meta-cognitive power of individuals. From the past researchers point of view, the ability to write about design by linking two areas of design and writing thinking increases the ability of the students to control their learning processes. The present study was conducted on a group of 30 students of design studio 5(Design Bio complexes), including a test and control group, and the target group was asked to design and review the process and critique of design and others, and the control group their own design process. The results of this study indicate that the process has a positive effect on the three meta-cognitive strategies of planning, monitoring, and evaluation; also, teaching meta-cognitive strategies to the test group had a significant positive effect on their academic performance.


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